1. Complete support

The arm trough supports the forearm, the hand grip supports the hand and wrist, and the elbow stop supports the elbow. Made of rugged, good looking, and comfortable ABS plastic. High walls offer excellent lateral stability. Easy to keep clean. 5 different sizes, from adult to toddler (see How To Order).

2. Adjustable joint friction

The friction in every joint is adjustable. This can help manage spasticity and achieve more functional arm/hand control. If friction is not applied, the pair of high quality sealed bearings in each joint provides for ultra-smooth unrestricted linear movement and support.

3. Adjustable pivot stop

The trough can be easily adjusted so it will only pivot within the  limits that can be set by adjusting two 7/16" hex bolts. As the arm trough user  gains strength and experience, the pivot range can be incrementally expanded.

4. Two options in hand grip stems

A spring-loaded hand grip stem is available for those who desire more flexibility. A rigid hand grip stem is available for those who desire more stability.


5. Adjustable hand grip stem

The hand grip can be adjusted vertically and horizontally by loosening small set-screws around the hand grip stem.

6. Adjustable elbow rest

By simply loosening 4 set-screws, the elbow rest can be adjusted forward or backward, and to the proper angle for a right-hander, or left-hander.

7. Adjustable trough position

By simply loosening 4 set-screws, the trough can be adjusted forward or backward relative to the fulcrum that it pivots on. This is important in order to achieve the ideal arm balance.

8. Adjustable height

The arm trough can be raised by loosening, and then lowering the top shaft collar against the spring. The arm trough can be lowered by disconnecting it from the articulating arm, and disconnecting the articulating arm from the shaft; then flipping over the articulating arm so that the arms stack down instead of up, and then reconnecting the shaft and the arm trough. Those two methods can be used together in order to achieve the desired trough height.

9. Protective rubber patch

The specially selected rubber patch not only prevents surface scratches but also stabilizes and anchors the Zonco Mobile Arm Valet more securely.


10. Two convenient mounting systems

The Zonco Mobile Arm Valet can be clamped securely to work surfaces up to 2 1/2" thick. The wheelchair Adaptor Clamp can be clamped securely 7/8” D & 1” D tubes. There are two clamping jaws, with matching sets of holes. One of the clamping jaws has holes which are threaded to receive the screws. The holes in the other clamping jaw are not threaded. The long set of screws goes through the connecting bracket into the clamping jaws. When those screws are tightened the clamping jaws can be tightened around a tube. The two clamping jaws can be removed, and connecting bracket can be bolted to any number of flat surfaces. This makes it extremely versatile. A rectangular block is attached to the other end of the connecting bracket. It can be attached on either side of the connecting bracket. This block is to provide a surface to clamp a ZoncoArm Support, or a Zonco Mobile Arm Valet. It makes it possible to clamp those two devices to a vertical tube, a horizontal tube, or a tube that is at an angle. The block can rotate to any angle around the center bolt, and then be locked in place with the two flanking set-screws. The wheelchair adaptor clamp can be mounted to the front, side, or back of a wheelchair.

11. Universal attachment holder

Attaches to the handgrip stem in place of the hand grip. It provides a padded cradle for strapping devices to, such as an electric toothbrush, etc.

12. Convenient adjusting tool storage

All the Allen wrenches and the 7 / 16” combination wrench needed for making adjustments are strapped to the base with Velcro.


13. Spring-loaded Elbow Assist

A spring-loaded shaft that moves between two linear bearings in the clamping mechanism allows the trough to move vertically as it pivots up and down. This feature, coupled with the smooth linear movement of the multi-link articulating arm, makes it feel and function much more natural. This can make it possible for those with limited strength to raise their elbow in the process of feeding themselves, etc. Four shaft spring tension sizes are available from adult to toddler. If the spring-loaded elbow assist is not desired, the ZMAV is also available without this feature.

14. Adjustable trough pivot joint tension

The friction in the pivot joint of the trough can be adjusted with a lever or Allan wrench as needed, and then locked in that setting with a lock nut. There is also an adjustable pivot joint stop. Turning the two bolts up helps to keep the arm trough from pivoting out of control.

15. Pencil & pointer holder

Plugs into a hole in the front of the handgrip. It can be locked in position with a set-screw. Once the holder attachment in position, a pencil can be installed for writing or drawing, or tape can be wrapped around a small brush which can then be installed for painting. The eraser end of a pencil can be installed as a pointing device can be used to operate a keyboard, or dial a telephone, etc.

16. Swivel-spoon

Plugs into the side hole of the handgrip. The spoon is designed to swivel within a preset swivel limit, or the swivel function can be removed by tightening a small screw on the shank of the spoon.

17. Arm link C

18. Arm link B

19. Arm link A

20. Pizza/burger holder