How To Order

To place an order please email or call us at:

- When ordering ZAS, specify the size arm trough you need: adult, small adult, juvenile, child, small child, or toddler (refer to Products & Prices).

- When ordering ZMAV, specify the forearm length (in inches) from the knuckles to the back of the elbow.

- When ordering ZMAV, specify if you need flexible hand grip stem, or a rigid stem.

- When ordering a Wheelchair Clamp Adapter, specify what tube size it will clamp on to.

- When ordering an Adjustable Multi-link Power-chair Mounting System, specify which of the three mount attachment bases.

- Specify the components and attachments you want (refer to Products & Prices).

Please feel free to email or call us with any questions.

Two-week product trial:
If you would like a two-week product trial, call 612-257-1993, or e-mail your request to Please include your shipping address, and phone number. Our representative will contact you to process your Request for Demo, and answer any questions you may have. You will be responsible for all shipping & handling, and for returning the products you choose not to purchase. Due to the high value of our products, a two-week trial requires a credit card deposit.

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