Zonco Mobile Arm Valet

The ZMAV is an easy to set up, multi-functional product for those with limited hand or arm control. It is designed to assist with feeding, brushing teeth, operating a key board, and drawing or writing, etc. The versatile robust design of the ZMAV has been engineered to exceed the structural strength and functional capabilities of every other comparable product.

1. Feeding device

An innovative new custom curved swivel-spoon plugs into the side hole of the handgrip. The handgrip is dishwasher safe and can be easily removed for cleaning. The spoon is designed with two preset swivel limits, and the angle of that limited range is completely adjustable. If it is not desired to have the swivel in the spoon, that function can be removed by tightening a small screw on the shank of the spoon.

2. Pizza/hamburger holder attachment

Remove the handgrip by simply pulling it off the end of the hand grip stem that it swivels on. Then replace the handle with the pizza/hamburger holder attachment. It can also be used for hot dogs, sandwiches, etc.

3. Universal attachment holder

After replacing the hand grip with the universal attachment holder, use the Velcro straps to secure an electric toothbrush, shaver, or any number of other attachments.


4. Pencil & pointer holder

The holder for the pointing device plugs into a hole in the front of the handgrip. It is locked in position with a set-screw. Once in position, the pointing device can be used to operate a keyboard, or dial a telephone, etc.

It can also be used as an assistive writing/drawing/ painting device.

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